I love photography because it is a way to capture the essence of a moment and highlight the true beauty inside each person. In one click... expression is caught in an image and without using words, a story is told.

Over the years, I have had the privilege and honor to photograph people who have the ability to bring change and shift culture. Mostly they are known by name or for what they have done to effect lives or policy. However, if it is possible through photography to show who a person is on the inside rather than just what they have done ...that would be a noteworthy goal for any photographer. It's one thing to look at a person... it is another thing entirely to "see" them for who they really are.

I have also had the opportunity to meet many beautiful people through weddings, corporate events, family, graduate and equestrian sessions. Each come with their own story and I love to help bring it to life through imagery.

Whether capturing tenderness between people, an event that alters lives, or a historical, journalistic moment... an image gives us the ability to relive the glory of the occasion time and time again. Photography can make us smile, cry, love more deeply and see ourselves or the people around us in ways we've never quite seen before. It can honor champions of our time and reveal the stories of our unsung heroes. This is the joy I find as a photographer.

I tailor each session to specifically capture the uniqueness of each person's story. If given the opportunity, it would be my privilege to do so for you.

To request availability for an event or session, please inquire here through the provided form. You may also see more of my work through the social media links below. I look forward to connecting and can't wait to meet you in person...